State, Tribal or International IV-D Agency

State, Tribal or International IV-D Agency Membership: $1,275 - $3,000

This membership is open to all agencies designated as the IV-D agency for that state, territory, country or tribal jurisdiction. The class of membership is determined by the caseload size of the agency.

Class I


(caseload of 900,000 or more)
Class II


(caseload between 400,000 and 899,999)
Class III


(caseload between 200,000 and 399,999)
Class IV


(caseload of 199,999 or below)


Premier Education & Training Program

As an Organization member, (public or private), your agency can purchase a high-quality, timely and convenient training and education program to share with staff and/or clients. The Premier Education & Training Program includes one Web-Talk registrations for each program on the current Web-Talk Calendar), one complimentary Policy Forum registration, and one complimentary Leadership Symposium Registration. In addition, additional Web-Talks registrations or archived copies can be purchased for a significantly reduced price of $150.00.

Child Support CommuniQue (CSQ)

Stay up-to-date on the latest developments and best practices in child support. Columns from the President and Executive Director keep child support professionals in the know. Learn proven techniques from around the country. Get a synopsis of what’s happening on Capitol Hill, and more! Available online to members only.

Vote in the NCSEA Elections

As a member, your agency will have the right to vote on By-laws amendments and new Board members.

Class I 17 votes
Class II 15 votes
Class III 12 votes
Class IV 7 votes


Valuable Discounts

Employees of your agency will receive valuable discounts on events like our Leadership Symposium, as well as the Policy Forum Conference.

Participate in NCSEA Committee Work

Employees of your agency will be able to participate in NCSEA committees, subcommittees and workgroups. These committees work to make improvements to member benefits, organize training events, draft policy resolutions, and more.

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