2020 NCSEA Leadership Awards


NCSEA Now Accepting Nominations for 2020 Leadership Awards

NCSEA is now accepting nominations for NCSEA 2020 Leadership Awards recognizing the outstanding contributions of individuals and/or organizations to the child support program through extraordinary management, leadership, collaboration, and messaging.

The Leadership Awards are traditionally presented at the NCSEA Leadership Symposium held in August. However, in light of the cancellation of this event, the awards will be presented virtually at a date to be determined.

Recipients of the Leadership Awards reflect and embody the mission and values of NCSEA; enhancing the financial, medical and emotional support parents provide for their children and increasing public awareness of the child support program’s contribution to the best interests of the families and children served. The accomplishments of award winners serve to inspire current and future child support leaders, professionals and program collaborators, further advancing and improving the child support program’s mission and goals.

The 2020 NCSEA Leadership Awards are open to a broad range of individuals, agencies, and organizations including, but not limited to, county, state, tribal, federal or international level, from a foreign country, those that serve in the judicial or legislative branch, or in the non-profit, public or private sector. They will be awarded in the following categories (click on the award name to begin the nomination process. Nominations must be made through the online process):

  • Program Awareness Award – recognizes an individual or organization that has developed an innovative and effective approach and strategy to increase public awareness of the child support program or how child support enhances the well-being of children and families. Empirical evidence should be provided, if possible, to support the applicant’s case that their program/strategy has had a positive impact on the awareness and use of the child support program (reference form here).
  • Innovative Partnership/Collaboration Award – recognizes innovation in partnerships between a child support agency and any other group(s) that assists families.  This includes, but is not limited to, collaborations between a child support agency and court or another agency, organization, or program serving parents, families or children (reference form here).
  • Outstanding Leadership Award – recognizes an individual who has demonstrated long-term outstanding management and leadership of an organization, team, project or initiative that has demonstrably impacted the child support program and inspired others, over the course of several years, to improve the child support program, serving the best interest of children (reference form here).
  • Emerging Leadership Award – recognizes an emerging leader or manager (fewer than 3 years in a leadership position) who has improved a child support program or has enhanced the child support program in its mission in the last year. This improvement is recognized as exemplary; that is, one to be emulated by others (reference form here).

The deadline for all award nominations is Thursday, July 9, 2020. For more information on the awards program, please contact Ann Marie Ruskin, NCSEA Executive Director, at  AnnMarieRuskin@ncsea.org.


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