NCSEA 2020 Call for Nominations

NCSEA needs qualified, talented members to run for Officer and Director positions to provide our association with effective leadership.

Nominations are now open for President-elect, Secretary, Director of International Reciprocity, International Commissioner, and five Directors for the NCSEA Board of Directors. The open positions are:

President-elect (one year term; elected by Board of Directors)

Secretary (one year term; elected by Board of Directors)

Director (three year term; elected by the NCSEA membership)

Director of International Reciprocity (one year term; elected by the NCSEA membership)

Officer and Director terms run September 1-August 31 of the appropriate years

You may self-nominate or you may have someone else nominate you. The minimum qualification, as directed in the bylaws, is for all nominees to be an NCSEA Individual member at the time of nomination, through elections and, if elected, during term of service.

Those of you who have served on NCSEA committees and in other volunteer positions, help energize and lead the organization. You have demonstrated your commitment to the association – think about taking the next step to become a Director or Officer.

Review the documents listed below to learn more about the requirements and responsibilities of serving as an Officer or Director of NCSEA. The deadline for all nominations is Friday, April 17, 2020. Elections for Officers will be held in conjunction with the April Board of Directors meeting, and the election for Directors will be open in early June. Eligible voters are Individual members and the primary contact of organization members.

Responsibilities of Officers and Directors

Board Commitment Form

Nomination Form to be completed by those who are self-nominating, and those nominating someone else.

Candidate Form to be completed by individuals nominated by someone else.