Capitol Hill Update – April 17, 2013

Last week, the Obama Administration released its federal fiscal year 2014 budget proposals. NCSEA prepared a synopsis of the child support budget which may be found here. In short, the budget continues to support program activities and re-proposes reforms that were not considered by Congress last year. They include:

  • The CSE operations and enforcement proposed rule is expected to be issued this year.
  • The pass through is proposed again, as well as the proposal to use CSE payments to benefit foster children and prohibiting the use of child support to re-pay Medicaid birthing costs.
  • The budget includes $448 million over ten years to support increased access and visitation services; provides funds to states for parenting time orders; and, would require all states to include such responsibilities in  all new orders effective FFY 2019 .
  • A number of low-cost enforcement and establishment proposals are also proposed – many of them will look familiar to NCSEA – (data comparisons with insurance claims; providing tribes with access to FPLS; modifying the paternity establishment percentage; reviews of arrears; and passage of UIFSA.

Click here to read the child support proposals in more detail. The child support section of the HHS budget in brief may be found here.

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