2014 NCSEA Awards

All nominations or submissions must be completed by Friday, June 20, 2014. 

Each year, the National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA) recognizes excellence in 9 areas that impact our community. Whether it is a pat on the back or being honored at an annual meeting, recognition is an important aspect to each of our jobs. Nominate someone or a program today, and let the world know the difference your agency, program, or someone you know makes in the lives of children and families throughout the country.  Especially in these challenging times, NCSEA wants to celebrate the child support community and all that you do. Click on each category for the link to the form to be completed.

President’s Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a child support line staff person who has never attended NCSEA’s Annual Conference & Expo. One individual will receive a scholarship to attend this year’s 2014 Annual Conference & Expo in Portland from August 11-13, 2014. The scholarship includes a one-year individual NCSEA membership, one conference registration, air fare (up to $500) and hotel accommodations. We encourage managers and department heads to encourage your high potential, motivated staff to apply for this scholarship.  The enthusiasm and information winners bring back to their workplace and peers is a wonderful opportunity – not just for the individual selected for the scholarship but for the recipient’s entire workgroup.

Judge David Ross Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in the memory of Judge Ross and is awarded to an individual employed by the host state for the Annual Conference. Judge Ross was appointed in 1993 by President Clinton to lead the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement and in 2008 as a member of President Obama’s Transition Team. He formerly served as a Judge on the 7th Circuit Court of Maryland and was honored as the “National Family Court Judge of the Year” in 1989.

Outstanding Child Support Enforcement Program
This award recognizes a State, Regional, County or Tribal program that consistently and comprehensively exemplifies the best in child support enforcement. The best means having an outstanding record of performance and providing effective services to its constituency and its community.

Program Awareness Through Outreach
Effective media relations and public outreach campaigns are vital in disseminating child support program information to the public. The award recognizes International, Federal, State, County Tribal organizations, or an individual who has established an effective child support program public awareness campaign.  

Most Improved Program
This award recognizes excellence in a State, Regional County, or Tribal program that has shown exceptional improvement in key child support enforcement program performance areas as measured by the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement such as paternity establishment, collections on past due support, and cost effectiveness and in services to its constituency within the three preceding federal fiscal years.

Outstanding Manager of the Year
This award recognizes experienced managers in the public and private sector who, regardless of membership in NCSEA, have made significant contributions to child support enforcement at the local level.  Federal, State, County and Tribal organizations as well as private employees, policy makers, advocates and others who have improved the lives of children through their efforts to promote more effective child support enforcement are eligible for this award.

Corporate Associate of the Year
Recognizing a Corporate Partner (organization) that has supported the child support enforcement community through advocacy and active partnership with stakeholders, this award highlights innovative initiatives that support the child support enforcement community.

Private Sector Individual of the Year
This award recognizes an individual working in the private sector who has advanced the value of lives of children in the communities, states and nation every day within the child support enforcement community.

Outstanding Individual Achievement
This award recognizes experienced non-managerial individuals in the public and private sector who, regardless of membership in NCSEA, have made significant contributions through their efforts to promote more effective child support enforcement are eligible for this award.

Judicial Award
This honor is to recognize a State, County  or County judge, referee, commissioner, hearing officer, administrative law judge, IV-D master, court master, associate judge, or person with similar responsibilities who has strengthened the child support program through decisions and actions resulting in more effective child support enforcement or by implementing more effective measures in the judicial system. (Minimum service of three years is required for nomination).

Questions about the awards process, submission, etc., should be directed to NCSEA’s Executive Director, Colleen Eubanks, at ColleenEubanks@ncsea.org or 703-506-2880.