Holistic View of Security As It Applies to Child Support

Date: July 15, 2015

Hannah Andrews

Child support security is everyone’s responsibility. How do you keep up with all the need to comply with the numerous regulations when security is only part of your job? Join us for a discussion on how to Adopt a holistic view for compliance and cyber – a “Secure, Vigilant and Resilient” approach.  Discuss key regulations and standards such as IRS 1075, state and federal laws, tied to compliance and cyber for Child Support Systems. Learn how Child Support Agencies can take a rationalized view of addressing various standards  and a streamlined approach for processes such as user on-boarding, account management, and single sign-on for Child support systems. Then hear about a best practice from California that has enhanced password management, reduced loss productivity time, and improved security.


Peggy Hawkins, Asst. Director of Child Support, Contra Costa County Child Support
Vikas  Bansal, Director, Audit and Enterprise Risk Services, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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