Innovative Family-Centered Services and How Best to Reach out to the Community to Share Them!

Date: July 10, 2014

United States

Hannah Andrews
(703) 506-2880

As the Child Support Agencies become more family centered and the demographics of the families continue to change, it becomes more and more critical that Agencies find more effective and efficient means to serve their client’s needs.  Answering machines have often been replaced by text messaging and home phones by cell phones.  Some Agencies have mobile units that take the office into the community to provide services while others reach out and educate the community via Facebook, Twitter or even QR Scan Codes, Family centered services have some states even offering employment services or related programs to qualifying NCP’s as well as programs to waive arrears owed to the State if they meet a predetermined standard of compliance.  This Web-Talk will address Best Practices such as these and many others from States who have found some innovative ways to reach out to the community and provide family centered services.


Nancy Burgos-Johnson, Customer Service Contact Manager, Orange County Department of Child Support Services
Michael Hayes, Deputy Director of Family Initiatives, Texas Office of the Attorney General Child Support Division
Bob Prevost, Division Manager, Arapahoe County Department of Human Services
Angelisa Young, Manager, First Response Unit, District of Columbia Office of the Attorney General, Child Support Services Division

Target Audience: Legal Staff, Front line worker, Social Worker or Staff that deal with parenting time/custody and parenting issues. Management Team, Inter/Intra agency, Experienced Staff , Seasoned Staff