Web-Talk: OCSE Looks Back: 2015 Year In Review

Date: January 13, 2016

Krystal Quille

OCSE will discuss some of the important federal initiatives and activities that impacted the child support world in 2015.  The presentation will provide information on family-centered strategies and initiatives such as the Behavioral Interventions in Child Support Services (BICS) and other OCSE discretionary grants.  It will also include information on child support collections in 2015, enhancements to the child support portal and e-IWO mandate, as well as a discussion on the intergovernmental forms, UIFSA 2008 and state and tribal systems.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear and ask questions about the major federal initiatives from 2015.


Yvette Riddick – Director, Division of Policy and Training – Office of Child Support Enforcement
Barbara Lacina – Director, Division of Program Innovation – Office of Child Support Enforcement
David Tablar – Management Analysis, Division of State and Tribal Systems
Sherri Grigsby – Manager, Employer Services & NDNH – Office of Child Support Enforcement

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