Partners in Empowering Families: IV-D Collaboration with IV-E and IV-A

Date: October 09, 2014

United States

Hannah Andrews
(703) 506-2880

Child Support, Foster Care, and TANF agencies share and contribute to a common goal for families and children to be resilient, safe, healthy, and economically secure.   It is easy to forget we are partners, not adversaries, as we work within our own programs.  What can be done…what is already being done…to share information and support each other while meeting our own agency goals?


Dian Carroll, Management and Program Analyst, Children’s Bureau
LaShawn Scroggins
, Training Branch Chief, ACF/HHS/OCSE
Carla West, Project Manager, YoungWilliams Child Support Services
Ted White, Assistant Attorney General, Texas Office of the Attorney General Child Support Division

Target Audience: Front Line Worker; Management Team; Inter-Intra Agency; all staff levels.