Talk the Talk: Using Social Media for Today’s Clients

Date: July 23, 2014

United States

Hannah Andrews
(703) 506-2880

“Where are they now? Using social media for location efforts” Maybe you have heard that many in the child support community have started to tap into social media for locate efforts. Would you like to know how successful that has been or what automated processes are being used to track this information?

“What are they saying? Mining social media for better customer service” Did you know that social media is also used to gauge the sentiment of people in particular groups and respond accordingly – for example if there is a Facebook group or other forum regarding child support issues, an automated process can track comments and tweets on that issue and respond to the individuals – this is what large companies do to protect brand reputation.


Timothy L. Lightner, Child Support Specialist II/Modification & Review Supervisor, Alaska Child Support Services Division
June Johnson, Program Administrator & Outreach Coordinator, Washington Division of Child Support
Nagaraj Garimalla, Director and Chief Architect, Protech Solutions, Inc.

Target Audience: Social Worker or Staff that deal with parenting time/custody and parenting issues’ Management Team; Advisors; All staff levels.