WEB-TALK Changing Patterns in Working Cases: Who, Which, and How

Date: March 07, 2013

Live Webinar

Hannah Andrews

(Management Series I)

This web-talk is for IV-D organizations that may be considering changes to how their workflows and caseloads are categorized, prioritized, and assigned to staffs.   Topics to be addressed will include worker specialization and case stratification.  Join us to learn about the pros and cons of different approaches, the actual experience of agencies that have implemented these  changes of both customer service and performance measures,  as well as how to plan for and manage changes at both the individual worker and organizational level.

Kandace Yearsley, Director, Idaho Child Support Services
Dennis Putze, Director, OCSE Division of Planning Research and Evaluation
Edward Lehmann, Director,  Philadelphia (PA) Child Support Office

Rhonda Tamulonis, Director, Performance and Learning Services, Auctor Corporation

Target Audience:  Front line worker (Intake, Reception, Enforcement); Management Team (Administrator, manager, supervisor, lead worker); IT  Staff (Programmer, CIO, Developer, Systems staff); Advisors; Experienced Staff  (1-5 years) and Seasoned Staff  (5 + years).

This Web-Talk is part of the Management Series, of particular interest to administrators, managers and supervisors.  Although a series is being presented, each Web-Talk program will be addressed independently.  Participants are welcome to register for any one, two or all three Web-Talks in the series. Attendees who participate in all three Web-Talk programs (Live Event only) will receive a “Certificate of Completion” from NCSEA pending confirmation of attendance.