WEB-TALK: Strategic Planning: Developing the Business Plan for Child Support Organizations

Date: December 11, 2013

Live Webinar

Hannah Andrews

(Management Series III)

Reduced funding, expanded program requirements and growing caseloads are all dilemmas faced by child support organizations across the country.  ‘Doing more with less’ has become the mantra of agencies serving families nationwide.  This workshop is designed to help locale’s use strategic planning to maximize limited resources and improve program performance.  The speakers will discuss the benefits of strategic planning and how clearly defining the purpose of the organization, establishing realistic goals and objectives that are consistent with the mission in a defined time frame and within the organization’s capacity for implementation can provide a road map to success for organizations large or small.


Erin Frisch, IV-D Director, Michigan Office of Child Support
Barbara Siegel, Assistant Director for Planning and Central Operations North Dakota Dept. of Human Services, Child Support Division
Thom Campbell, Federal OCSE
Cindy Fisher, Field Operations Manager, Nevada Division of
Welfare & Supportive Services (Moderator)

Target Audience:  Child support professionals –case managers, supervisors, managers, coordinators; All levels of staff experience.

This Web-Talk is part of the Management Series, of particular interest to administrators, managers and supervisors. Although a series is being presented, each Web-Talk program will be addressed independently. Participants are welcome to register for any one, two or all three Web-Talks in the series. Attendees who participate in all three Web-Talk programs will receive a “Certificate of Completion” from NCSEA pending confirmation of attendance.