Child Support Enforcement Agent, Crook County

Location: Prineville, OR

Under the general supervision of the District Attorney, the Child Support Enforcement Agent independently performs and carries out a variety of duties of a more complex, unusual and proficient nature. This position is distinguished from other positions by the depth of skill, proficiency and understanding of support issues and complex case actions, These duties may require interpretation of standard operating procedure variations and making routine job-related decisions in the absence of the District Attorney. This position applies in depth technical knowledge of legal research methods, investigative procedures and legal instruments to assist with preparation of cases, pleadings and other legal processes. This position performs data entry, and creates reports. In addition, this position performs a variety of fiscal duties, such as budget review and reports. Complete job description 



  • Perform duties required to manage assigned cases including research on technical issues to answer questions about child support, program policy, procedures and statutes.
  • Prepare cases for e-filing to the Oregon Administrative Hearings panel and to participate in judicial or administrative hearings to represent the District Attorney’s office on child support related cases and to be able to explain the actions taken at the hearing.
  • Select cases and review work for accuracy, completeness and proper format.
  • Analyze training needs of the Child Support Specialist and to assist in implementation to improve office operations and case management procedures for effective collection outcomes.
  • Interview parties by phone or in person to gather information and gain cooperation to establish and enforce paternity and support orders and to negotiate enforcement of orders based on federal and State rules, laws, regulations and office policies and directions.
  • Review the Child Support Program database of cases for maintenance and updates as appropriate. Identify cases needing a support order by reviewing case documentation and ability to pay, completing legal forms, gathering income information and performing support calculations. Request, review and evaluate paternity affidavits for accuracy and information necessary to initiate an action, including obtaining sworn statements and complete legal documents to establish paternity orders. If a modification request is received, decide the type of modification process needed and identify the forms necessary to modify the order. Prepare forms for service as appropriate.
  • Assess the ability to pay child support and the availability of health insurance by analyzing financial records for collection potential and making a decision on initiation of the appropriate collection method. Contact the obligated parent to decide on ability to pay or appropriateness of a contempt, criminal nonsupport or other legal action.
  • Perform fiscal duties in regard to the preparation of the Federal budget for review by the District Attorney, submit quarterly reimbursement reports within deadlines, prepare for sub-recipient audit visits and reviews, and maintain required budget and fiscal documents per Federal and State criteria.
  • Read and interpret court child support orders and order modifications to assure that money is applied to the correct case and take necessary actions by reviewing the cases with other support agents, attorneys, other states and obligated parents to reconcile the account balances. Review documents for credit and debit satisfactions and adjust the case. Audit cases by requesting information and completing an initial accounting for review with the Financial Services Unit accountant for resolution of any discrepancy. Analyze account accruals and distribution to verify proper distribution of monies to the case.
  • Prepare legal documents for review and approval by the District Attorney/Deputy District Attorney.


  • Education-Certification as a Paralegal (equivalent to an AA Degree)
  • Experience-6 years experience in a legal environment.
  • Any combination of experience, education and/or training may be substituted as deemed appropriate by hiring authority.
  • Equipment used – personal computer and related software, printers, photocopier, facsimile, multi-line phone, scanner.
  • Current driver’s license
  • Prior to or on date of hire:
    • Able to complete a thorough employment and/or criminal history check.
    • Able to successfully pass a pre-employment drug test (not required for all positions).
    •  Final candidates will be required to provide official proof of college degree and certified transcripts (not required for all position.

How to Apply

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