CSED Division Director, New Mexico Department of Human Services

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

The New Mexico Human Services Department (HSD) seeks to fill the Governor Exempt Child Support Enforcement Division Director position in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The CSED Division Director is responsible for and oversees the management, resources and operational activities of the field services structure of the CSED.

The Child Support Enforcement program, administered by the Human Services Department (HSD) Child Support Enforcement Division (CSED), establishes and enforces the financial responsibility of parents for their children.  The CSED establishes paternity, establishes child support orders (including medical support provisions), enforces orders for child and medical support, and distributes child support collections.  In addition, the CSED locates non-custodial parents and their financial assets, reviews and adjusts support orders and handles interstate and international child support cases.


  • oversees the management, resources and operational activities of the field services structure of the CSED, ensuring statutory deadlines are met, services are efficiently executed, all programs achieve goals and are operating within the guidelines of Local Court Rules, state/federal laws and regulations and department policies and procedures
  • provides program and policy management, development, implementation and evaluation
  • participates in forecasting and development of division budget, staffing, operational plans, departmental and organizational development and activities, policy & collaboration with other agencies and departments and participates in legislative activities such as coverage, bill analysis, testifying in front of legislative committees and communicating with legislators.
  • The CSED caseload is approximately 60,000.  The annual CSED budget for State Fiscal Year 2014 is $33.4 million.  During State Fiscal Year 2013, CSED collected $129.6 million.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in any field of study from an accredited college or university
  • Seven (7) years of management experience
  • Any combination of education from an accredited college or university and/or direct experience in this occupation totaling eleven (11) years may substitute for the desired education and experience.

How to Apply
NM HSD, Office of the Secretary, Attn:  HSD Secretary Sidonie Squier, PO Box 2348, Santa Fe, NM  87504 or by email to: Yolanda.Ramoz@state.nm.us

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