Foster Care Program Consultant, Minnesota Department of Human Services

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota

The purpose of Foster Care Program Consultant position is to improve the Family Support and Placement Services Department direction on the planning and delivery of child placement services and to develop and implement state policy on child placement. This position is responsible for a variety of areas related to analysis and implementation of state and federal laws, rules and policies regarding child welfare and children in out-of-home placement.


  • Direct the delivery of county and tribal child placement services to ensure child safety, permanency and well-being in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Establish and promote county and private agency compliance with child welfare practice as required in federal and state laws and regulations including child placement, case planning, foster care policy and permanency practice.
  • Lead state effort to implement and support best practices in Concurrent Permanency Practice (CPP) for counties and tribes.
  • Work across the agency and division to develop child well- being, health and trauma informed practices and protocols.
  • Participate with and or convene state wide advisory initiatives and committees to address the use of psychotropic medications for children in care.
  • Build collaborative partnerships with health care, child welfare, mental health professionals and the Children’s Mental Health division and other stakeholders to address the health needs of children in care.
  • Co-lead trauma informed initiatives, communication to and collaboration with providers, community based agencies, research institutions, etc.
  • Assist with Training System/Quality Assurance efforts by providing support and guidance to Department of Human Service (DHS) staff, county and tribal partners to improve permanency outcomes for children and youth in foster care.
  • Assist with Minnesota Child and Family Service Reviews (MNCFSR) of county and tribal child welfare practice.
  • Assist with or respond to the development of federal and state program improvement plans.
  • Provide leadership and training in the development of DHS child welfare policy legislation with internal and external partners, including the North Star and MAPCY initiatives.
  • Assist with the implementation of new state child welfare reform initiatives.

Minimum Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree in social work or related field AND 2 years advanced professional experience demonstrating:

  • Knowledge of County and Tribal organizations, social service systems, structures, goals, and problems sufficient to advice and direct social service programs.
  • Knowledge of Federal and State legal and administrative statutes, rules guidelines and constraints sufficient to develop policies and procedures to interpret them for county staff.
  • Knowledge of Department of Human Services programs and policies sufficient to advise and direct county social services practitioners in their implementation.
  • Verbal communication skills sufficient to advise county officials and social services staff; articulate and interpret policy, rules and regulations; and testify at legislative hearings.
  • Skill in negotiating sufficient to develop contracts for specialized social service programs.
  • Ability to travel frequently and stay overnight as needed, to county and tribal agencies throughout the state.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Ability to write social services manuals, bulletins, practice guides, draft legislation and rules, narrative reports, grants proposals and correspondence.
  • Analyze demographic and recipient data, social services plan compliance data and service provision data and synthesize it into reports.
  • Ability to negotiate sufficiently to develop contracts for specialized social service programs.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates MUST apply through the State of Minnesota Careers website, which is the state’s official hiring site.  Below are detailed instructions on how to submit your resume and apply.  If you have additional questions you can contact the recruitment office at 651-431-3674 or  Please be sure to apply at your earliest convenience before the position closes at MIDNIGHT on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4th, 2014.

 Submit your resume:

  1. Visit
  2. Select “My State Job Search” (upper right hand corner)
  3. Select “Create a My State Job Search Account”
  4. Complete the instructions under New Account
  5. Once your account has been established, select “Resume Builder”
  6. Build a resume or paste a text copy of your existing resume
  7. Use the “Job-Specific Questions” space for your cover letter (optional)
  8. Complete required sections of “Supplemental Information”
  9. You MUST click “Submit Your Resume” at the bottom of the page!

Apply for the Foster Care Program Consultant opening after you have created your new account and submitted your resume (note: the state job classification for this position is Social Svcs Prog Consultant):

  1. Select “Apply for Jobs”
  2. Select “Apply for Positions”
  3. Enter this posting number:  14DHS000275
  4. Select “Continue” and verify the position is correct
  5. Select “Apply”


  • Save your user ID and password for future use.
  • Make sure your resume clearly states all relevant skills and experience, along with the beginning and ending months and years of each position you have held.
  • If you have any difficulties, contact the website helpdesk at 651-259-3637 or
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