Management Analyst II, Michigan Friend of the Court Bureau

Location: Lansing, Michigan

The Friend of the Court Bureau (FOCB) is currently seeking qualified applicants for the position of Management Analyst II. Depending on candidate qualifications, the candidate will perform services in the Friend of the Court Bureau and may also perform services in the Language Access Program. Reporting directly to the FOCB Director and, in addition to performing Management Analyst I functions at the highest level, the primary responsibilities for this position include, analyzing and developing recommendations on issues related to the trial courts and management of complex projects. The assignments may have a direct relationship to essential work being done by other governmental units which affects the short-term success of judicial programs, services, and operations. The Analyst follows broadly defined policies, procedures, or instructions as directed by management and uses discretion in applying generally appropriate procedures. The position requires planning, problem solving, analyzing situations, thinking creatively, and making decisions. Although approaches are generally predefined, the Analyst may need to modify or adapt those approaches to specific problems, and may need to assess intangibles, uncertainties, or incomplete information. The position requires substantial writing skills.


  • Develop management recommendations to improve trial court operational efficiency and ensure their compliance with statutes, policies, and court rules governing trial court operations.
  • Manage complex, time-limited projects that may require training other assigned staff and coordinating their activities.
  • Respond to inquiries and complaints by litigants, attorneys, and others regarding court procedures and requirements. Supervise and mentor the work of temporary staff that assists the office in responding to such inquiries.
  • Research and assess the impact of proposed legislation and court rules that affect the trial courts. Design procedures to implement new requirements.
  • Analyze court record keeping procedures, data, and administrative operations.
  • Recommend new efficiencies.
  • Participate in the preparation of “management assistance project” reports that evaluate trial court operations and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Evaluate compensation plans, staffing plans, personnel policies and procedures, and related information for trial courts.
  • Prepare public education materials and other publications.
  • Draft proposals for administrative orders, court rules, contracts and SCAO policies that will be used by trial courts.
  • Develop or assist in developing grant proposals and may be responsible for administering grants.
  • Respond to inquiries from SCAO regional administrators, other SCAO personnel, trial judges, trial court staff, legislators, and others regarding court practices, court facility design, space and records management, and the interpretation of court policies, rules, and statutes.
  • Advise trial judges and trial court personnel on administrative, fiscal and operational issues.
  • Serve as faculty for the Michigan Judicial Institute. Also may serve as trainer or speaker at non-MJI conferences and meetings.
  • Evaluate and recommend automation and office technology improvements for trial courts, including standardized procedures, forms, and records management techniques.
  • Work with other governmental units and other internal and external stakeholders on issues that, although generally understandable, may require explanation or negotiation. The Analyst will need to use interpersonal and communication skills to resolve disagreements. The Analyst will also lead training and educational sessions


  • Bachelor’s degree in court, public, or business administration or a related discipline required.
  • Master’s Degree or Juris Doctor Degree preferred.
  • Work experience at least equivalent to that of a Management Analyst II with three years of progressively more responsible work managing court operations, including research and statistical analysis, or closely related assignments.

How to Apply
Please send your cover letter and resume in either Microsoft Word© or Adobe Acrobat© to If you are unable to send applicant materials electronically, cover letters and résumés can be mailed to: Supreme Court Human Resources, Attn: FOCB Mgt Analyst II, P.O. Box 30052, Lansing, MI 48909. APPLICATION DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 6, 2014

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