Management Analyst – Ramsey County Attorney’s Office

Location: St. Paul, MN

To analyze and evaluate, design and implement solutions, programs, methods and procedures, to increase the efficiency of departmental operations and improve the quality and accessibility of business functions, information and processes; to provide instruction regarding the use of line of business systems; to run and modify data reports; and to perform related duties as assigned. (This is the entry level of this class series. Experience at this level enables employees to gain the knowledge and develop the proficiency of skills and abilities to advance to Management Analyst 2.)

The current vacancy is in the Administration Division of the County Attorney’s Office. The primary focus of the position includes project management, business analysis, SharePoint 2010 administration, script writing, process mapping, and reporting within the Child Support Services Division.

Full Job Announcement

$47,412.53 – $70,282.75


  • Work closely with subject matter experts (SME’s) to gain an understanding of the department’s operations, systems, and business functions; analyze operational systems, programs, methods and procedures by obtaining and discussing relevant information with affected parties; research problems, prepare necessary documentation (such as work distribution charts, flow charts, movement studies and process-and-operation charts); and apply other appropriate analytical methods in order to develop the information needed to evaluate current operations, determine if existing processes could be enhanced, or identify operational needs.
  • Evaluate on a continuous basis the results of analyses to be used by the department to ensure they meet business needs by identifying redundancies, unnecessary or wasteful procedures, inappropriate methods, inefficient equipment and defining other procedural or operational problems to develop plans for revising or creating new solutions.
  • Provide initial and ongoing instruction and expertise in the use of line of business and other county, state, or collaboratively operated systems.
  • Assist in designing new or improved solutions by establishing a time frame for a scoping phase, design concept or project to be completed, setting priorities for work to be done including proposing work distribution plans, investigating and determining the feasibility of changing procedures through the use of electronic or other means; assist in the preparation for applications testing, and/or developing other plans to revise or create new solutions of maximal efficiency; and prepare and present information appropriately to affected parties.
  • Prepare reports on the analysis, evaluation, design or implementation of systems as required; build, run and modify data reports via query or other tools. This may include extraction of data from internal or external databases.
  • Implement plans for new or revised systems or solutions by planning, scheduling, and coordinating related activities, which may include managing system access and backup to line of business applications; may act as system administrator for line of business applications.
  • Identify department training needs; develop and update training plans and curricula; plan and execute recurring training programs for new and current employees including preparing and updating training guides and job aids, as needed.


Education: Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, Business Management, Business Administration, Management Information Systems, or a related field.

Substitution:  Relevant work experience in excess of the experience requirement may substitute for the education requirement on a two to one basis.

Preferred Skills: Project management, business analysis, EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems), and Child Support office experience with technical skills including administration of SharePoint 2010 and above, Open Text’s BIQuery, and Microsoft Office 2016 suite of products; SQL language; data analytics; process mapping; and reporting.

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