Policy & Program Oversight Chief, Department of Child Support Services

Location: Rancho Cordova, CA

Under the general direction of the Deputy Director, Child Support Services Division, the Policy & Program Oversight Chief, is responsible for managing a highly complex staff services function with statewide impact. The Policy & Program Oversight Chief, in conjunction with the Deputy Director of the Child Support Services Division, advises and assists the Directorate in the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of departmental programs, policies, and procedures. The Policy & Program Oversight Chief also assists with planning and directs the development of statewide programs, financial management, and case management policies, procedures, and program monitoring to ensure that the Child Support Program complies with federal and state law. The Policy & Program Oversight Chief has oversight responsibility for the maintenance and operation of division priorities as assigned by the Deputy Director.


  • Responsible for broad administrative and program activities, including the execution and/or evaluation of program policies.
  • Responsible for extensive managerial and program administration or broad program manager experience with substantial participation in the formulation, operation, and/or evaluation of program policies.
  • Responsible for extensive highly professional influence and contributes to program, policy, and the methods to provide professional services needed to set policies, to meet the mission of the State department and often exercising technical and or professional skills that are required at this level.

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Leadership experience in working collaboratively with state or local governments or political subdivisions, local community-based organizations, or public or private agencies in implementing and operating complex and large-scale programs or projects. The risks and rewards of success or failure must have been substantial.
  • Significant experience interacting on a professional level with federal, state, or local government divisions or agencies as well as elected officials, including the Legislature and the Governor’s Office.
  • Significant experience in developing and implementing statewide policies and/or legislation for a health and human services program.
  • A working knowledge of family law and the Child Support Program.
    Managerial experience that demonstrates the ability to successfully apply organizational leadership, communicate clearly, facilitate decision-making, promote team work, define and achieve success across multi-disciplinary
    stakeholder interests, and provide excellent customer service.
  • Experience of budgetary, personnel, contracting, and business practices; knowledge of customer service, training,motivating staff, recognition, and progressive discipline; and a manager’s role in contributing to and achieving an equal opportunity workplace.
  • Significant experience in convening high-level councils or workgroups, report writing, and meeting facilitation.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must submit: A completed Standard State Application (Form 678).
A “Statement of Qualifications”. The Statement is a narrative discussion of how the candidate’s education,training, experience, and skills meet the minimum and desirable qualifications and qualify them for the position.

The Statement of Qualifications serves as a documentation of each candidate’s ability to present information clearly and concisely in writing and should be typed and no more than two pages in length.
Resumes do not take the place of the Statement of Qualifications.

Applications must be submitted by the final filing date to:
P.O. Box 419064 – MS 631, Rancho Cordova, CA 95741-9064
Sara Hostetter | 916-464-6717 | Sara.Hostetter@dcss.ca.gov

For more information: http://jobs.spb.ca.gov/ceabulletins/ceaexambulletin2.cfm?bid=10012015_2&view=h

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