Program Manager II, South Carolina Department of Social Services

Location: Richland County, South Carolina

Close Date: October 22, 2014

Under limited supervision of Program Manager III for Integrated Child Support Division (ICCSD), directs and manages Regional Operations in accordance with all applicable Federal and State laws and regulations and appropriate judicial direction in order to ensure statewide activities related to determining and enforcing non-custodial parent’s obligation to support their dependent children. Participates in fatherhood initiatives related to Regional Operations.


  • Advises and assist Division’s Program Manager III (Director) on the integration and administration of Regional operations with other operating units of ICSSD and other DSS entities, S.C. Supreme Court’s Office of Court Administration, Family Court Judges, U.S. Attorney’s Office, 46 county Clerks of Court and 46 county Sheriffs’ to assure cohesive , systematic efforts in establishing and collecting child support.
  •  Directs the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of statewide activities relating to establishing court orders for child support, establishment of paternity for children born out-of-wedlock through administrative and judicial processes and the enforcement of delinquent orders in child support.
  •  Manages four (4) regional offices of ICSSD across the State, consisting of more than 150 positions (excluding contractual employees).
  •  Directly supervises and provides technical assistance and program assistance to four (4) Program Managers (Regional Directors). Reviews and evaluates work performance; and performs other personnel-related functions such as selection and dismissal of staff.
  •  Manages interstate case processing referrals at the state level for four (4) regional offices offering assistance and guidance under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) on complex interstate cases. Responds to inquiries and service requests through UIFSA among states, territories and foreign nations.
  •  Oversees procurement and management of major contracts for Regional Operations involving genetic testing, interstate process servers, and in-hospital paternity establishment. Ensures that regional offices are advised when new contracts are obtained and new procedures implemented involving new contracts.
  •  Reviews self-assessment audit for Regional Operations conducted by Program Quality Assurance that is reported to federal office concerning federal mandates. Identifies trends of not meeting timeframes. Evaluates system of collection, compilation and evaluation of performance data on ICSSD operations, including efficiency and effectiveness measures. Develops and implements corrective action procedures that will increase effectiveness in establishment, enforcement, locate and other activities that require federal criteria be met within determine timeframes.
  •  Oversees management of ICSSD Regional Operations non-custodial parent application process along with access/visitation and fatherhood initiatives. Partners with community partners and federal grantees to provide employment training and responsible Fatherhood services to non-custodial parents. Ensures that eligible persons are referred for services.
  •  Monitors bankruptcy, federal prosecution, contempt of court hearings for failure to pay child support and all other enforcement remedies available to ICSSD Regional Operations for the enforcement of existing child support orders.
  •  Coordinates development and delivery of specialized and generic training for multidisciplinary staff.
  •  Manages ICCSD Central Call Center.
  •  Supports development, testing and implementation of automated child support system.
  • Responsible for managing Federal 157 report of Congressional Performance Measures to avoid federal penalties and to earn and maximize federal incentive payments.
  •  Ensures Personal Identifying Information (PII) is properly used, accessed, gathered, shared, and disposed of to protect the agency networks and applications by safeguarding systems, equipment and data.
  •  Develops effective working relations with forty-six(46) county DSS offices for program interface. Works closely with Family Assistance programs and oversees training for inquiry access to IV-D automated system to designated Family Assistance and/or TANF case managers in each county DSS office.
  •  Develops and monitors budget for ICSSD Regional Operations.
  •  Determines the need for development or revision of policies, procedures, forms and changes to IV-D automated system and provides assistance in the resolution of these issues.
  •  Other duties as required.


  • A Master’s Degree and six (6) years of experience in any combination of social work, management,  business administration, administrative services or public administration.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree and seven (7) years of experience in any combination of social work, management, business administration, administrative services or public administration.

How to Apply
All applicants must apply online. All correspondence from the office of Human Resources will be through electronic mail. DSS Employment Unit Phone: 803-898-9390.

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