CLE News for the 2017 Leadership Symposium

2017 Leadership Symposium CLE – Eligible Workshops

In order to receive CLE credits, attendees MUST have:

  • Indicated their intent to apply for CLE credit on the NCSEA Conference Registration Form, by including their Bar State and Bar Association # in the designated space.
  • Pay the CLE Credit Processing Fee with their Conference Registration fee. The CLE fee is listed in the “Total Amount Due” section of the Registration Form.
  • Attend a designated CLE eligible workshop for the entire prescribed amount of time. Attendees must sign in and sign out on the monitored Session Attendance Sheet.
  • Complete the electronic evaluation forms sent to you via email (the email provided on your Conference Registration Form) during the conference for each CLE workshop you attend.
  • Fulfill all special requirements as specified by your State Bar Association. NCSEA will have a CLE Desk at the Conference to help answer questions, provide the necessary forms, and offer assistance with this process.

Attendance at CLE workshops is being verified as well as completion of the session surveys.  CLE registrants will receive certificates confirming their participation at the appropriate CLE workshops via email, and the necessary reporting to State governing boards will be done by NCSEA as well.

CLE Workshops: 

Monday, August 7, 2017

  • Workshop 105: Collaborating with the Courts to Promote Access to Justice – Helping Self-Represented Litigants in Family Court Cases (CLE) –This workshop focuses on the collaborative effort to provide resources for self-represented litigants, especially those in rural areas. Examine specific programs, specifically how a task force was formed in Arizona to create a virtual self-help center as well as a website, to provide resources and information to citizens. Learn how the center reaches rural locations through live video-conferencing, video presentations, a website and live chats, on a variety of topics, and how you can take lessons learned back to your agency!
  • Workshop 204: Taking Interstate Cases to the Next Level:  Best Policies and Practices of States Under UIFSA 2008 (CLE) –This workshop will highlight key issues in interstate cases including case processing, payment flow across state lines, electronic interstate communication tools, and choice of law questions.  Our experts will share best practices on interstate child support cases and provide new ideas and strategies for intergovernmental leaders.  Come hear how to take your interstate division and caseload to the next level!
  • Workshop 205: Mission Possible – Effective Judicial Collaboration (CLE) –Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to foster effective collaboration with your Judicial partners to improve the lives of the families you serve. Building a strong and mutually beneficial partnership with your judiciary is one of the most important aspects of a successful child support program. Interaction with the Judiciary involves a wide range of touch points from high tech electronic exchanges to direct interpersonal conversations. In this session, we will explore tools and practice strategies for establishing positive and productive conversations. Come to this interactive session to grab some CLE’s and discuss ideas to enhance and promote judicial collaboration in your area.
  • Workshop 305: Child Support Attorneys…Beyond the Courtroom (CLE) –With the implementation of the Final Rule and the shift away from the prosecutor mentality, many IV-D programs are reducing the number of civil contempt actions filed with the court.  With less litigation, some IV-D programs have refocused their legal staff and are utilizing them in other ways to benefit IV-D programs. A panel of judicial and child support experts will discuss a variety of strategies for utilizing an attorney’s skill set outside of the courtroom.  This session is geared to lawyers and IV-D leaders and administrators to look at creative ways IV-D programs are broadening their attorneys’ efforts from the courtroom to problem solving, mediation and dispute resolution.  The presenters will look at successful strategies they have implemented.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

  • Workshop 405: The New Uniform Parentage Act for Today’s Modern Families (CLE)  – The Uniform Law Commission has worked for two years substantially rewriting the Uniform Parentage Act.  The issues before the drafting committee were varied and complex, reflecting modern family structures, advancements in reproductive technologies, and increased recognition of non-biological and legal parents. Today’s child support leaders need to know what the new UPA is all about – what changed, what stayed the same, and what impact the new legislation has on IV-D families. Our experts also will discuss the important policy decisions implicated in the new UPA and the alternate provision options for legislatures.
  • Workshop 505: The Evolution of the Child Support Program (CLE)  -When the IV-D Program began more than 40 years ago, it was intended primarily to be a cost recovery program.  As the program has evolved, child support has become an important resource to help families obtain self-sufficiency.  Come learn about the IV-D Program’s origin, and the laws, regulations, policy, and case law that have shaped what the program has become today.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

  • Post-Con 2:  NCSEA Family Feud! (CLE) –This is your chance to test your child support knowledge and win “fabulous” prizes!  A new twist on an old game show, audience members square off on random teams against one another by answering child support-related questions which will run the full gamut: federal, intergovernmental, legal, statistical, etc., as everyone vies for the prizes. This CLE-eligible workshop should be a real hoot, so please join us for what will undoubtedly be a fun and exciting game-show format as we test our knowledge of the program we are all a part of.  If you miss this one, you’ll never forgive yourself!


Contact NCSEA, 703-506-2880, with any questions.


NCSEA cannot guarantee state’s approval of workshops.