NCSEA Board Re-ratifies Resolutions to Improve the Effectiveness of the Child Support Program

Earlier this month, The NCSEA Board of Directors re-ratified two resolutions addressing issues to improve the effectiveness of the child support program.  The Resolution in Support of New Tools to Improve Child Support Collections  recommends potential additions and improvements to the child support enforcement tools mandated by federal law and to the sources of information that can be used to increase the amount of child support collected.

The Resolution Supporting the Establishment of a Federal Earned Income Tax Credit for Parents Who Pay Child Support  seeks to reward work among parents who pay child support by proposing an earned income tax credit under qualifying circumstances for parents who pay support comparable to the credit presently available only to parents with a qualifying child.  This topic was first addressed in a Board resolution approved in 2014, and was updated in 2018 and again in 2021.