Director’s Message: August 2015

As I sit to write this, my first Child Support CommuniQue column, it gives me an opportunity to look back at NCSEA’s efforts the past program year. And what a year it has been! Our committee chairs and members took a great deal of initiative in 2014-15, creating new opportunities for growth and professional development, advocating for the child support program and encouraging its improvement and success, and making changes to improve existing programs. The individuals involved not only in NCSEA, but the child support community as a whole, are truly a remarkable group of people. I am impressed and humbled by their dedication to the mission, their incredible knowledge, and their passion for improving the lives of children and families.

And so, as our committees focus on completing their charges for this year, while looking forward to the challenges of next, we invite NCSEA members to volunteer, get involved, and become an active participant in the work of NCSEA. NCSEA will soon be communicating with our members, encouraging them to get involved in committees for the 2015-16 program year, which starts September 1. Be sure to look for this email communication, and think about how you can make an impact on What We Do.

I hope to see many of you at the 2015 NCSEA Leadership Symposium in Milwaukee next week. The re-branding and re-focus of our annual training conference was a significant initiative, directed at the professional development and training of child support’s current leaders, leaders of tomorrow, and those who lead within their organizations. The committee has worked diligently to develop relevant content and recruit appropriate speakers, and I am sure those attending will find the Symposium a wonderful opportunity to learn, network and engage with colleagues.

I look forward to working with all of you this upcoming year, and hope you will contact me with any questions, suggestions or comments on how we can continue to make NCSEA a vital organization, and the voice of the child support community.

~Ann Marie Ruskin, NCSEA Interim Executive Director

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