NCSEA Welcomes New Directors

NCSEA was fortunate to have a superlative group of passionate child support professionals to stand for election to the NCSEA Board of Directors. The following individuals were elected to a 3-year term which will begin September 1, 2013 and conclude August 30, 2016:

  • Jim Fleming, IV-D Director, North Dakota
  • Alisha Griffin, IV-D Director, New Jersey
  • Michael Hayes, Deputy Director of Family Initiatives, Texas
  • Kelly Micka, Principal, CSG – Iowa
  • Diane Potts, Deputy Attorney General of Child Support Enforcement, Illinois

We are appreciative of all the members that took the time to log into the Meet the Candidates webinar and listen to all the candidates and then cast a vote. In addition, we are also thankful to each individual that volunteered to stand for election to the NCSEA Board.


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