President’s Message – September/October 2013

(Originally published in Child Support CommuniQue – September/October 2013 issue)

It’s an exciting time to be a member of NCSEA and the child support community. In August, we had a very successful Annual Conference in Baltimore. August also saw many state and local child support programs celebrate Child Support Awareness Month through actions and activities designed to communicate the value and impact that child support services have on children and families across the country every day.

In September, we find children across America back in school and the summer winding down. September is also a big month for child support. Congress is typically finalizing the federal budget for the coming year. State and tribal programs are preparing to submit their preliminary Annual Data Reports (OCSE 157 and OCSE 75, respectively) to OCSE. September is also a busy month for NCSEA: committee co-chairs and members are appointed, given their “charges” for the year, and then begin their work. Committees represent the greatest opportunity for individual NCSEA members to meet other child support professionals, share their expertise, develop ideas, and contribute their voices to the direction of NCSEA and the issues of the day.

As President of NCSEA, I’m very excited about the year ahead. NCSEA is financially sound. We have excellent staff in place. Five new directors have joined the Board, and efforts are already underway to evaluate our membership, develop an “NCSEA U” training program, conduct outreach to Congress, and report and respond to the release of any new legislation or regulations.

NCSEA’s mission is to serve child support professionals, agencies, and strategic partners worldwide through professional development, communications, public awareness, and advocacy to enhance the financial, medical, and emotional support that parents provide for their children. As we endeavor to fulfill this mission I hope you will find a way to lend your voice:

  1. Become a member of NCSEA;
  2. Contribute to a committee;
  3. Write an article;
  4. Participate in a web-talk; and
  5. Ask a friend to do the same.

We are stronger both as a program and an association with you and your ideas.

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