Bylaw Amendments Recommended by the NCSEA Board of Directors


In 2017, NCSEA convened a committee to review NCSEA’s bylaws.  The committee, which included several past NCSEA Presidents and the current NCSEA President, met several times to review and discuss proposed changes to the bylaws.  On April 26, 2018, NCSEA’s Board of Directors voted to recommend the bylaw amendments to NCSEA’s membership.

Most of the proposed amendments relate to maintaining consistency throughout the bylaws and improving phrasing to reflect intent.  The substantive bylaw amendments are summarized here:

  • Article II, Section 2.3. The provision related to promoting development of state family support associations was removed because it does not accurately reflect NCSEA’s current mission.
  • Article III, Sections 7.1 and 7.2. Section 7.1 provides for an Annual Report to NCSEA’s membership and was added to comply with the laws of the state where NCSEA is incorporated.  Section 7.2 allows membership to call for an annual meeting.
  • Article IV, Section 2. A provision was added to allow for the Treasurer to serve for a two-year term.
  • Article IV, Section 7. The section that describes the Director of International Reciprocity was amended to reflect current responsibilities of the position.
  • Article IV, Section 10. Section 10 was added to provide for an election if there is a resignation before the term begins.
  • Article IV, Section 11. The provision prohibiting a Director from holding more than one position on the Board with voting rights was moved to Article V, Section 15.
  • Article V, Sections 1 and 4. The provisions relating to Board composition and the Executive Committee were amended to provide that the Director of International Reciprocity is a member of the Board but not a member of the Executive Committee.
  • Article VII, Section 1. The section providing for NCSEA standing committees was amended to include the Professional Development Committee.
  • Article VII, Section 2.4. The provision that describes the responsibilities of the Nominating Committee was amended to reflect current responsibilities of that committee.
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