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So that our topics and presentations are timely, we will be releasing our 2018 events a few at a time several months prior to their set date. Please check the Events Calendar regularly for the most up to date information.

Free Web-Talks!

NCSEA will be offering a select number of Free Web-Talks this year, open to members and their staff. These training resources are designed to aid in professional development across the child support spectrum!

We are offering a member rate for our Web-Talks at a cost of $150 for a live event or download.

Registration Rates:

Member rates:

  • Live Event:  $150.00
  • Download:  $150.00
  • Live Event & Download: $300.00

Non-Member Rates:

  • Live Event:  $295.00
  • Download:  $295.00
  • live event & Download: $395.00

Get the best value for multiple Web-Talk registrations with the Premier Education & Training Program, available to all NCSEA organizational members.

Train your whole office with no travel expense or time away from the office. Just one registration provides an opportunity for everyone in your office to benefit from the expertise and knowledge of professionals from all over the country!

All you need is a computer with internet access and you can join in on the Web-Talk. You can watch the presentation, submit questions, and participate in audience polls. Add a projector to accommodate large groups. Dial-in to a toll free number to listen to the audio with the ability to ask questions live. The login information is provided upon registration. Participate alone or with colleagues. Testing of your computer connection prior to the event is suggested and instructions will be provided with the login information. Free technical support is available.

The 2018 Web-Talk programming will include CLE programs

2018 Web-Talks 

Friday, January 26th –  Shaping the Future of Child Support: A Conversation with the Commissioner  (Click above to view the recording)

Tuesday, February 6th – NCSEA’s 2018 Hill Tips – Communicating with Legislators

Thursday, March 29th – Help Yourself – Self Customer Service

Thursday, May 10th – NCCSD- NCSEA- OCSE; Public relations and Brand Building project

Thursday, June 14th – Access to Justice: Reaching Communities in Need (Paid, CLE)

Upcoming Topics:

Thursday, July 26th – Leadership in Child Support: Lessons Learned

Thursday, August 23rd – Innovative Child Support Laws (CLE, Paid)

Thursday, September 20th – Motivational Learning

Thursday, October 18th – Debt Compromise (Paid)

Thursday, November 8th – Child Support Tool Kit

For more information, please contact Gillyn Croog, NCSEA, Manager – Professional Development.