Advocacy & Public Policy

NCSEA gathers, develops and provides relevant information regarding the child support program to its members, policy makers, law-makers and the public at large.  We strive to educate policy makers at local, state and federal levels so they have a complete and accurate understanding of the child support program.  We collaborate with other child support associations and advocacy groups in child support development, research and advocacy efforts.  We have built strong alliances with strategic partners throughout the US and internationally to support and promote the achievement of mutual goals in ensuring children are entitled to, and receive support from both parents, regardless of where the parents reside.

NCSEA also develops positions on current and emerging policy and legal issues and serves as an advocate and educator to members and other stakeholders on those issues.  Finally, NCSEA promotes and encourages best practices in supporting children and policies that entitle children to the full emotional, material and medical support that parents owe to their children.