County and Local IV-D Agency

This membership is open to local or international agencies that provide IV-D services at a local, county or regional level as part of the overall IV-D system. The class of membership and dues is determined by full time employees (FTE’s), and starts at just $300 per year. Dues information is available here.

With an Organization membership all agency  full-time staff receives member benefits to NCSEA:

  • Discounted rates to NCSEA’s Policy Forum and Leadership Symposium conferences.
  • Subscription to NCSEA Child Support CommuniQue, quarterly newsletter.
  • Access to resources and research including materials to share with legislators and stakeholders.
  • FREE registration to all Web-Talks and access to the Web-Talk Library.
  • Participation in NCSEA Connects, an on-line network of colleagues who share common goals, with the intent to bolster relationships, learning opportunities, mentoring, and professional development, in a community-building way.
  • Voting rights in NCSEA elections, determining governance and structure.
  • Access to the Premier Education & Training Program, providing significant savings on professional development offerings.
  • Employees of your agency will be able to participate in NCSEA committees, subcommittees, and workgroups. These committees work to make improvements to member benefits, organize training events, draft policy resolutions, and more.

For more information contact