Research Topics

NCSEA has included research information, documents, and links to external sites that may prove useful or informative to you. These research studies and resources were identified by the NCSEA Research Subcommittee, and reviewed periodically.

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NCSEA envisions a world where every child receives reliable financial and emotional support and both parents are responsible for the emotional and financial support of their children. We believe that the best interests of the children come first, and individual interests should be secondary when parental or professional interests differ.

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Child Support Caseloads and Demographics: publications include summaries of caseload and demographics from U.S. Census data, Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement data, and other large databases.

Financial Support and Ability to Pay: Publications on parents’ ability to contribute financially to their children’s well-being. This includes materials regarding earnings, factors associated to support payment or nonpayment, parent work programs, impacts of large arrearages, and other related topics.

Parental Engagement and Emotional Support: Publications on parents’ ability to contribute to their children’s emotional and psychological well-being. This includes materials regarding custody, parenting time, healthy parenting, benefits of fatherhood, two-parent cooperation, and other related topics

Intersection of Child Support with Other Family-Focused Programs: Publications provide insight into how local, state and/or federal program impact family well-being and outcomes.

Child Support Operations and Program Administration: Publications pertain to child support operations and the administration of the child support program. This includes publications on performance and program outcome measures.

Child Support Guidelines:  reports from state child support guidelines reviews.

Other Websites with Additional and Related Research: Links to websites with research relevant to child support.