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Changes to NCSEA’s Membership Structure for Agency Members

Strengthening the Value of YOUR Membership Dollars!

The NCSEA Board of Directors has approved a structural overhaul of the association’s membership structure that will strengthen the value of agency membership through increased access to NCSEA member benefits. This change, which will streamline NCSEA’s membership categories by moving from an agency/organization’s caseload to full time employees (FTEs) as reported on the OCSE-157 Annual Data Form, and combine agency membership into a new, FTE-tier system, will radically alter how agencies access their suite of benefits.

Under the previous model, only individual and designated agency staff could access NCSEA’s professional development discounts, communications tools and networking directories. Now, each member agency employee will be able to sign up, sign in and receive the same access through the agency’s NCSEA membership!

In addition to accessing the best resources in the child support community, NCSEA agency members and their staff will benefit from FREE Web-Talks! These e-learning resources will be streamed live and archived at www.ncsea.orgMembers will be able to sign up for these free Web-Talks individually, from multiple sites—no longer having to coordinate viewing parties in the office!

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Membership Category Criteria Annual Dues
Individual Involvement in child support community $125
Corporate Partners Annual membership & marketing activation package for corporate members
   Platinum $40,000
   Gold $30,000
   Silver $20,000
Corporate Membership
   Charter $5,000
   Patron $2,000
   Sponsor $1,000
Nonprofit Organization Nonprofit organization affiliated with child support/family activities $375
State-Managed, Tribal, Local, Privately-Managed, International IV-D or Affiliated Governmental Agency
   Class I >3,500 FTEs $4,000 + $2.50 per FTE over 3,500
   Class II 2,501-3,500 FTEs $4,000
   Class III 1,501-2500 FTEs $3,500
   Class IV 751-1,500 FTEs $3,000
   Class V 501-750 FTEs $2,400
   Class VI 251-500 FTEs $1,800
   Class VII 101-250 FTEs $1,200
   Class VIII 51-100 FTEs $600
   Class IX <50 FTEs $300