NCSEA U: The premier educational offering for leaders and emerging leaders in child support. NCSEA now offers NCSEA U in conjunction with both the Leadership Symposium and the Policy Forum.


NCSEA U at Leadership Symposium 2024

Applications for the NCSEA U Program at Leadership Symposium 2024 will open on Monday, March 25, 2024.  Click to learn more information about the 2024 summer curriculum, led by Robbie Endris and Laura Van Buskirk.

Planning and Logistics

  • What is included with NCSEA U?
    • Pre-Conference Get Acquainted Webinar(s), virtual and on-site sessions, one post-event webinar, plus networking events at Leadership Symposium.

The 2024 NCSEA U program will be held in conjunction with the NCSEA 2024 Leadership Symposium in Detroit. NCSEA Leadership Symposium is scheduled for Sunday-Wednesday, August 4-7, with the NCSEA U classes held directly after the conference on Wednesday, August 7 and Thursday, August 8. As a reminder, those selected as participants for NCSEA U are required to attend the 2024 Leadership Symposium, in addition to NCSEA U. The 2024 NCSEA U registration fee is $200.

Application Process

Interested in applying? We encourage interested applicants to already begin the process of requesting approval from their supervisors to participate in the program, as well to travel to NCSEA U and Policy Forum 2024.


Click to view the NCSEA U Application Information Session

Why consider NCSEA U?

Professional Development

NCSEA U is designed to elevate the educational level and performance of child support leaders, providing enhanced professional development opportunities and knowledge to make a transformative impact on the IV-D program.

NCSEA U alumni tell us that NCSEA U offers valuable skills and networking opportunities, as well as discussions about real-time workplace happenings. They have walked away with new skills, confidence about how to implement programs in the workplace, and access to a network of professionals from across the country. In feedback, 100% of past participants say it was a valuable experience and would recommend it to a colleague.


During their sessions, NCSEA U participants create and foster a peer network of peers, making important connections with colleagues from around the country. They instantly join a network of over 150 NCSEA U alumni who are active in helping shape child support today.

Course Offering

Included in NCSEA U are: a Pre-Conference Get Acquainted Webinar, on-site sessions, one post-event webinar, plus networking events at Leadership Symposium or Policy Forum.


NCSEA U instructors bring knowledge and experience to the NCSEA U program.

Future Leaders

NCSEA U classes are for child support managers and staff who make real-time, often crucial decisions about organization-wide operations and administrative functions. These individuals are the current and emerging leaders in the child support community. NCSEA U participants will have a unique opportunity to make important connections with colleagues and build an ongoing peer network.

Who should attend NCSEA U?

NCSEA U classes are for child support professionals seeking a unique training experience delivered by nationally recognized instructors.

NCSEA U participants will have the opportunity to make important connections and build an ongoing peer network of colleagues in the child support community from across the country and internationally.

You should consider participating in NCSEA U if:

  • You are a current or “emerging” leader in the child support community interested in current Child Support leadership trends and best practice initiatives that make a transformative impact on the IV-D program;
  • Your job includes managerial responsibilities, dedicated to enhancing the performance and service levels of your organization;
  • The leadership of your organization/agency acknowledges and supports your participation in NCSEA U.

Future Program Information

Detailed application information for NCSEA U at Policy Forum will become available in mid-October 2023. Questions about NCSEA U? Please contact NCSEA at