Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer with NSCEA

Volunteers are critical to NSCEA’s mission. Approximately 200 dedicated child support professionals serve on committees, subcommittees or at NCSEA events. NCSEA has a variety of committees and subcommittees focused on advancing NSCEA’s mission, as well as providing timely, relevant information and resources to its members.  More on NCSEA’s committees can be found on the NCSEA Committee webpage.

Would you like to learn more about how you can be a part of NSCEA? Contact Interim Executive Director Monica Evans-Lombe and learn how you can be an active participant in NCSEA.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to develop new skills, build on existing experience and knowledge, and expand your professional network.



“I am a volunteer for NCSEA because I find it rewarding to act in a way that is consistent with my passion — bridging the gap between child support and the community I serve.”…..Judith M. Green – Social Media Specialist – Los Angeles, CA

“Why do I volunteer with NCSEA? To meet new friends!To expand my knowledge!”….Lori Rummage Cain, Maximus

“I like to volunteer with NCSEA because I am always learning from this terrific organization, and this is my way of giving back. Cooperation between child support professions is a key to increasing our knowledge and education about our ofttimes very complicated program.”…Rob Velcoff, New York OTDA