NCSEA is governed by a board of directors which consists of 15 elected or appointed directors with staggered terms, six officers who are members of the Executive Committee, an International Commissioner, and an elected representative of the NCSEA Past Presidents.  In addition, several allied, partner organizations may appoint representatives to attend Board meetings.   A call for nominations is done in February or March of every year and an election of directors is held on-line every June.  New directors are installed after the NCSEA Leadership Symposium in August.  The Board of Directors elects its officers and the International Commissioner at the spring board meeting.  The new officers are also installed after the NCSEA Leadership Symposium.

2017-2018 Executive Committee:

Diane M. Potts
Senior Associate
Center for the Support of Families (CSF)
Silver Spring, MD

Craig M. Burshem
Deputy Commissioner, Director, Division of Child Support Enforcement
Commonwealth of Virginia
Richmond, VA

Tanguler Gray
Director, Division of Child Support Services
Georgia Department of Human Services
Atlanta, GA

Jim Fleming
Director, Child Support Division
North Dakota Department of Human Services
Bismarck, ND

Hannah Roots
Family Law Attorney
Victoria, BC

Joseph Mamlin
Grays Peak Strategies
Columbus, OH


Margot Bean, Deloitte
Lori Bengston, YoungWilliams
Scott Cade, Conduent (Past Presidents’ Council Representative)
Robert Doar, American Enterprise Institute
Robbie Endris, Conduent
Erin Frisch, Michigan Office of Child Support
Sue Gillies, New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (International Commissioner)
Alisha Griffin, Consultant
Gene Gustin, WICSEC Representative (Ex Officio)

Marsha Harlan, NTCSA Representative (Ex Officio)
Maureen Leif, Grays Peak Strategies
Tim Lightner, Alaska Division of Child Support Services
Wally McClure, Washington Division of Child Support
Mike Moreno, Deloitte
Kate Cooper Richardson, Oregon Child Support Program
Laura Rosenak, MAXIMUS
Pam Sala, ERICSA Representative  (Ex Officio)
Lisa Skenandore, SMI
Trish Skophammer, Ramsey County Attorney’s Office
Trisha Thomas, NCCSD Representative  (Ex Officio)
Jeffrey Witthun, Clark County District Attorney’s Office, Family Support Division

Download the latest NCSEA bylaws, approved May 2018,  here.

Strategic Plan:

Download the NCSEA long-range strategic plan here.

NCSEA welcomes participation by members in a variety of committees.  Committee appointments are made in August of every year.  Committee members generally commit to serving for at least one leadership year (September 1-August 31). To learn more about NCSEA’s committees and their charges, click here!