Event Calendar

There are a number of events currently being planned by NCSEA, including:


Engaging with Tribal Child Support Programs

11 Jun
Engaging with Tribal Child Support Programs​​Does your organization work with Tribal Child Support Programs, directly or indirectly? Please take this opportunity to join us in discussions on the benefits of engaging in positive government to government (tribal/county/state) relationships with child support programs. Learn how Tribal Child Support Programs take an emotional and spiritual approach to supporting our children and families. There will also be a discussion touching on ... [Read More]

How Courts Deliver Justice During a Pandemic

16 Jun
How Courts Deliver Justice During a Pandemic Our esteemed panel of court leaders will discuss innovative ways that local, tribal, and/or state courts adapt to provide essential court services during this pandemic. Many of us will relate to their individual, organizational and legal challenges, successes, lessons learned, and perseverance. Despite the challenges for courts, its also an exciting time to capitalize on opportunities for growth and changes that may continue well beyond this time. ... [Read More]

Engagement Through Targeted and Integrated Services

25 Jun
Engagement Through Targeted and Integrated Services Child support and other social service programs, which are concerned with the problems of poverty and unemployment, have worked to address these issues through both targeted services and integrated services. In this workshop, child support practitioners will hear about focused successful projects. Leaders from three projects share information about helping parents connect with supportive, antipoverty services and about working with individuals ... [Read More]

Journeys in Leadership: Lessons for YOUR Career

22 Jul
Journeys in Leadership: Lessons for YOUR Career We learn from our own experiences and from the experiences of others. Join four proven leaders as they reflect on their career journeys, discern lessons THEY learned, and share ways YOU can apply these lessons to your career and daily life. SpeakersKristie Arneson - IV-D Director, WyomingLinda Boyer - Assistant Director, OCSEWally McClure - Consultant, Ravenwings ConsultingTim Mose - IV-D Director, South Carolina ModeratorKatie ... [Read More]