NCSEA Web Talk: Innovative Relationship Building

Thursday, October 20, 2022
2:00pm-3:15pm ET

Madera County Child Support Specialist John Cortez and Lamar Henderson, Program Coordinator of the Merced County Human Services Agency “All Dads Matter” Program, have an in-depth conversation about engaging parents through the case management process, building a positive rapport, and maintaining trust between customers and caseworkers.

Lamar Henderson presents the “All Dads Matter” program and how this one-stop resource center offers fatherhood support and education, encouraging the bond between a father and child.

Also invited to this open-panel discussion is Everardo Sahagun, a former Merced County Child Support Specialist, now an employee with Merced County Human Services within the “All Dads Matter” program. He speaks candidly about his experience with Child Support Services and the obstacles he witnesses fathers have navigating the Child Support system while in his role of an All Dad’s Matter representative.


John Cortez, Madera County Child Support
Lamar Henderson, Merced County Human Services Agency
Everardo Sahagun, Merced County Human Services Agency