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NCSEA offers the child support member organizations the opportunity to post any open positions on its website for 30 days. If you would like to include a job to be featured on our Job Board, complete the application below and return to Ann Marie Ruskin , NCSEA Executive Director. The application must be limited to 1,000 words or three (3) pages.

Position:  Deputy Attorney General, Child Support Services Division
Organization: DC Office of the Attorney General
Location: Washington, D.C.  (Primary)

Job Description: Within the DC Government, Office of the Attorney General (“OAG”), Child Support Services Division (CSSD). The Director is the Chief Child Support Enforcement Officer for the DC government.
As the Title IV-D state and local agency, CSSD plans, implements, and administers a comprehensive child support services program that establishes paternity, establishes and enforces court orders, and distributes support collections in accordance with the Title IV-D State Plan and relevant laws, regulations, and court rules. The Title IV-D agency has non-delegable authority and responsibility for the establishment and administration for the State Plan; maintains financial control of the Title IV-D program, and has two broad functional areas: Operations, including case management activities, eg., establishment, enforcement, location of non-custodial parents or their assets; and, Finance and Information, involving maintenance/oversight of budgeting and financial management system and of an automated case management system. The Incumbent also supervises a litigation team, a legal counsel unit, and oversees policy, procedures, legislation and rulemaking.

1. Operations Management – Controls the following:
a) Establishment – determining non-custodial parental legal support obligations, obtaining a paternity determination, establishing the non-custodial parent’s support obligations, including the methods and terms of payment.
b) Location – locating non-custodial parent or parent’s assets, serving process, carrying investigations for establishing paternity, and the establishment/enforcement of support obligation; and
c) Enforcement – support collection, bringing contempt proceedings, obtaining garnishment orders and wage assignment, and attaching real/personal property.

2. Finance and Information – maintains budgeting and financial management system and an automated data system (ADS) for agency caseload. Operational functions include:
a) Collections and Distribution – receipt/distribution of support payments, received through wage attachments and intercept programs, following federal guidelines, through ADS or upon audit and review of specific cases;
b) Special Projects/Intercepts – administration of the federal (IRS) and state income tax return offset and of the state unemployment compensation intercept programs; and
c) Automated Data Processing – programming and operational support.

DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: Plan and direct CSSD activities through subordinate personnel, exercise autonomy and responsibility for establishing the organizational and administrative framework of the program and for the development and implementation of policies, regulations, and procedures.

Supervisory controls are primarily administrative. Exercise independent judgment in determining the rationale, scope, and objectives of assignments with the OAG, and in accordance with law, agency policy, and program requirements.

Responsible for the scope, planning, coordination, and conduct of the program and for keeping the OAG apprised of the program’s progress. Guidelines include federal and District laws, regulations governing child support enforcement; program manuals; and directives of the OAG, the City Administrator, the Mayor, and the Courts.

Specific policies, regulations, and legislative mandates apply, but may be of a general character requiring interpretation or cancellation. Guidelines of major concern include policy statements and organic legislation that require judgment in their interpretation and application.

Incumbent’s high visibility with key stakeholders requires judgment, persuasiveness, and ingenuity.

The Incumbent additionally:
• Hires, trains, supervises, and evaluates all Section staff;
• Serves as the head of the Title IV-D, responsible for all aspects of the IV-D program;
• Provides overall support and direction to operating subordinate components to plan, administer and evaluate a comprehensive program that addresses non-TANF and TANF cases, interstate, and local cases;
• Conducts continuing and special reviews of operations and institutes or recommends policy or procedure changes;
• Closely monitors DC Child Support performance against federal performance measures and recommends opportunities for improvement;
• Operates at a high policy level in OAG, conceptualizes and implements new management strategies, data processing, and proposes local legislation or rule-making consistent with the State Plan;
• Develops long-range plans for accomplishing program’s mission, within budgetary and other governing limitations;
• Exercises initiative and judgment in addressing highly complex policy and management issues;
• Negotiates for OAG, with senior officials of the courts and the federal government addressing programmatic issues;
• Represents the OAG publicly on program matters and must exercise discretion, applying the highest professional ability with qualities of leadership, tact and diplomacy;
• Provides the OAG and other government officials with authoritative information regarding the IV-D program for presentations before the Council; prepares informational communications;
• Develops special reports, analyses, background information, and position papers; conducts special program, etc., as needed.
• Conducts scheduled and special staff conferences, advises staff on policy directions, and administrative changes affecting program operations;
• Advises CSSD managers on federal legislation/regulations changes, on new procedures, and policies relevant to managed programs;
• Performs other related duties as assigned.

Qualifications: JD degree is required. Substantial managerial and leadership experience including demonstrated ability to successfully manage and lead large, functionally complex teams through major projects and change management initiatives. Comprehensive knowledge of federal and local laws and regulations governing all aspects of a state child support program. Knowledge of the District’s laws and regulations is preferred. Demonstrated ability to administer contracts with outside vendors, experience in budgeting and reporting. Demonstrated ability to form relationships with labor unions. Material familiarity with legal proceedings and processes, and the ability to interpret statues and rules is preferred. Equivalent to a grade LX2 in the District of Columbia Government service; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

LICENSURE/CERTIFICATION: Bar membership of any jurisdiction and gaining member of the DC bar within 360 days of his/her initial appointment with the DC OAG.

Interested candidates must apply online at, complete the questionnaire, and provide a resume and cover letter.

OTHER INFORMATION: The selected candidate will be subject to a background investigation including reference checks.

Position: Project Manager
Organization/Company:  YoungWilliams
Location: Western State

Job Description: Provides leadership to important child support project under contract with a state IV-D agency, comprising 5 district offices and 44 employees. The Project Manager provides guidance and oversight for all aspects of the project, including direction to the district managers and attorneys. The Project Manager is responsible for building and nurturing relationships, enhancing and monitoring productivity, and implementing changes when needed

Responsibilities:  Leads project operations by establishing performance objectives, building and nurturing relationships, enhancing and monitoring productivity, and implementing changes when needed; Serves as primary liaison among company, the Agency, and CSE Stakeholders; Works with the State to establish and maintain positive, professional working relationships
Documents all communication with clients and provides copies to the VP as appropriate; Identifies business process work flows and implements process changes for continued improvement; Ensures compliance with all contract requirements and relevant federal and state regulations; Develops performance goals pursuant to contractual requirements and monitors the achievement of those goals; Maintains appropriate staffing levels according to project activity and consults with the VP to requisition staff; Coordinates the implementation of corporate and Agency technological advances;
Ensures delivery of reports as required by contract guidelines; Maintains confidentiality and security of project, as well as proprietary and confidential materials; Provides outstanding customer service to all levels of customers.

Qualifications:  Proven leader with expertise and 5 years’ experience in the IV-D program. Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent. A law degree is preferred, but not required.

Successful record of accomplishment for leading, motivating, counselling, and training employees. Demonstrated leadership and management capabilities in a multi-functional, multi-cultural environment

Send confidential inquiries to Mary Ann Wellbank,