NCSEA Job Board

NCSEA offers the child support member organizations the opportunity to post any open positions on its website for 30 days. If you would like to include a job to be featured on our Job Board, complete the application below and return to Ann Marie Ruskin , NCSEA Executive Director. The application must be limited to 1,000 words or three (3) pages.

Position: Policy Team Manager (Division of Child Support Principal Executive/Manager D)
Organization: Oregon Department of Justice, Division of Child Support
Location: Salem, Oregon

Job Description: DCS administers the Oregon Child Support Program, which serves 15% of Oregon’s children. The program’s mission is to enhance the well-being of children and promote positive parental involvement by providing child support services to families. The program provides for the establishment of paternity and the establishment and enforcement of child support and health care obligations, as well as accounting and distribution services in support of Oregon families.

If you join our team, you will lead the team responsible for research, policy writing, rulemaking, and legislative preparations focused on advancing the Oregon Child Support Program’s mission. In developing and implementing policies, you will be responsible for making sure that the division’s policies align with state and federal laws, rules, and best practices, and for effectively communicating those policies to program employees, partners, and customers.

You will find that we embrace inclusive and supportive work environments and respect the diverse perspectives, knowledge, and experiences of our coworkers and those seeking to join the organization. We strive to build an inclusive and performance-oriented workplace where all individuals are welcomed and appreciated, leading to increasingly higher levels of fulfillment and success. Apply today!

What You Will Do (in part)

• Maintain a global perspective of the program’s mission, values, and goals in favor of developing short- and long-term objectives for positive results in program performance measures and outcomes.
• Work closely with managers to facilitate the development of plans and procedures that center on the effective use of resources and the delivery of services.
• Build and maintain a collaborative and effective network with executive leadership, peer-managers, the program’s general counsel, Oregon Judicial Department, Office of Administrative Hearings, Oregon Youth Authority, Oregon Health Authority, Department of Human Services, Legislative Counsel, Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, as well as district attorney family support offices to ensure section is consistent in practices, processes, and legislative efforts.
• Oversee research, legislative and division policy writing, and rulemaking for the Oregon Child Support Program.
• Ensure timely development of program forms that maximize operational effectiveness, are culturally competent and user-friendly, and are easily understood by internal and external customers.
• Ensure improvement efforts are continually underway and that quality and timely procedures and training are available.
• Ensure timely, legally sufficient, and consistent advice and support to program participants and customers.
• Keep program executives apprised of policy matters, issues, and conflicts that may impede goals or compromise adherence to federal requirements and give sound advice.
• Ensure teams effectively anticipate changes at the state and federal level and maintain action plans to meet the Program’s needs and priorities.
• Assist in the resolution of constituent issues related to high-profile cases, legislative inquiries, and media contacts.
• Supervise direct reports within the Policy Team as well as other staff working on policy-related projects as directed by the Deputy Director; establish and monitor performance expectations, ensure staff development, and work as a team.
• Maintain a current understanding of the program’s system environment.
• Establish and participate on interagency task forces designed to remove case-handling obstacles, and develop collaborative partnerships designed to improve the delivery of child support services.
• In cooperation with division executives and peer managers, develop, allocate, monitor, and administer the approved budget for the Director’s Office; develop recommendations for personnel, facilities, supplies, and equipment costs and forecasts for the Policy Team.
• Compile and report data as requested.
• Research, resolve, and escalate necessary issues quickly.
As a member of the DOJ management team, you will be responsible for: understanding the agency’s affirmative action goals and objectives; recognizing and championing the value of individual and cultural differences, and contributing to a work environment where individuals’ differences are valued; consistently treating colleagues, customers, and stakeholders/partners with dignity and respect; and supporting outreach and diversity-related efforts in order to diversify the workforce.

Six years of experience in supervision, staff-technical, or professional-level work. Two years of the experience must have included supervision and management of a program, section, or unit which included:

a.) development of program rules and policies,
b.) development of long- and short-range goals and plans,
c.) program evaluation, AND
d.) budget preparation. *


Six years of experience in supervision, staff-technical, or professional-level work. Two years of the experience must have included program or project leader responsibility involving
one or more of the following areas:

a.) development of program rules and policies,
b.) development of long- and short-range goals and plans,
c.) program evaluation and/or project evaluation, OR
d) monitoring and controlling or preparing a budget. *

* A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent course work (144 quarter or 96 semester hours) in a field related to management, such as Business or Public Administration, or a field related to the program of the employing agency, may be substituted for three years of the required experience, but will not substitute for the two years of specialized experience.


• Must pass reference and background checks.
• Must have or be able to obtain a valid Oregon driver’s license at the time of appointment and be willing to drive short and long distances.
• Must agree to comply with specific security and confidentiality requirements of the Department and its business units.

Desired Skills, Experiences, and Attributes
• Background leading a social services program or in a social services environment.
• Law degree, legal, or advocacy (or an equivalent) background requiring objective analysis and decision-making as it relates to law improvement and policy matters.
• Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, in written and spoken communication, including ability to make effective presentations in front of diverse groups and engage with small and medium-sized groups in training and presentations to the legislature.
• Background in policy- and rule-writing.
• Keen understanding of Oregon’s Child Support Program, its governing laws and rules, and its essential partnerships.
• Demonstrated experience establishing or managing a program that relies on engagement of multi-disciplinary partners.
• Ability to make courageous decisions, exercise critical thinking, and take initiative.
• Excellent leadership, communication, planning, and people skills.
• Demonstrated mindset supporting ongoing program and system improvement.
• Keen attention to detail.
• Reputation that supports an adept understanding, awareness, and practice of cultural competence and the impact to communities.
• Effective and proactive communication at all levels of the assigned organization and with internal and external stakeholders.
• Experience leading in a union environment.
• Professional-level experience working with a child support program.
• Experience providing oversight to multiple simultaneous projects while providing leadership to a team.
• Successful leadership and management skills, including a management style that encourages open communication, participation, and trust.
• Effective problem-solving skills combined with forward thinking.
• Positive attitude and adaptively to change.
• Background administering or monitoring grant or public funds.

Application Information:—DOJ/Policy-Team-Manager–Division-of-Child-Support-Principal-Executive-Manager-D-_REQ-33785