Child Support Operations & Administration

These reports pertain to child support operations and the administration of the child support program. This includes reports on performance and program outcomes measures.

NCCSD NCSEA OCSS Joint Committee on Public Relations: Child Support Research Survey Findings
Published April 2023

Improving the Process for Modifying Child Support Orders
Published November 2021

White Paper: The Future of Child Support
Published August 2020

Targeted Child Support Enforcement and Its Association with Child Support Payments: Evidence from a Program Evaluation
Published August 2020

A Partnership Approach to Paternity Establishment: Child Welfare Research and Training Project Ecological Model and Preliminary Data
Published February 2020

Tools for Better Practices and Better Outcomes: The BICS Project Final Report
Published January 2020

Use of child support enforcement actions and their relationship to payments
Published January 2020

An Examination of the Use and Effectiveness of Child Support Enforcement Tools in Six States
Published October 2019

The National Directory of New Hires: In Brief
Published October 2019

A Better Resolution: Reaching Child Support Agreements Between Parents in Vermont
Published September 2019

The Child Support Program
Published August 2019

Lifting Families out of Poverty: Child Support Is an Effective Tool for Maryland Families
Published August 2019

Executive Summary: Reforming Child Support to Improve Outcomes for Children and Families
Published June 2019

The Child Support Performance and Incentive Act at 20: Examining Trends in State Performance Research Brief
Published November 2018

Building the Next Generation of Child Support Policy Research
Published September 2018

Child Support Cooperation Requirements in Child Care Subsidy Programs and SNAP: Key Policy Considerations
Published October 2018

Transforming Child Support into a Family-Building System
Published March 2018

The Development and Initial Predictive Validity of the “Family Resource Assessment:” A tool for Identifying Cases Eligible for Two-Generation Child Support Services
Published February 2018

The Child Support Program is a Good Investment
Published December 2016

The Limited Reach of the Child Support Enforcement System
Published December 2016

Increasing Child Support Collections from the Hard-to-Collect: Experimental Evidence from Washington State
Published September 2015

GAO Report: AIMD-97-72 Child-Support Enforcement: Strong Leadership Required to Maximize Benefits of Automated Systems
Published June 1997