Financial Support & Ability to Pay

Publications on parents’ ability to contribute financially to their children’s well-being. This includes materials regarding earnings, factors associated to support payment or nonpayment, parent work programs, impacts of large arrearages, and other related topics.

State Policies and Employment Outcomes among Fathers with Criminal Records
Published October 2019

Illicit Substance Use and Child Support: An Exploratory Study
Published June 2019

Final Implementation Findings from the Child Support Noncustodial Parent Employment Demonstration (CSPED) Evaluation
Published January 2019

Actual Earnings and Payment Outcomes among Obligors with Imputed Income
Published August 2018

Providing Financial Support for Children: Views and Experiences of Low-Income Fathers in the PACT Evaluation
Published December 2017

Indebted Relationships: Child Support Arrears and Nonresident Fathers’ Involvement with Children
Published September 2016

How Do Child Support Order Amounts Affect Payments and Compliance?
Published October 2011

An Evidence-Based Approach to Child Support
Published August 2020

State Strategies for Improving Child Support Outcomes for Incarcerated Parents
Published July 2020

Who Is at Risk of Contempt of Court for Child Support Noncompliance?
Published June 2020

Piling on Debt: The Intersections Between Child Support Arrears and Legal Financial Obligations
Published June 2020

What Happens When the Amount of Child Support Due Is a Burden? Revisiting the Relationship between Child Support Orders and Child Support Payments
Published June 2020

COVID-19 and Child Support: Changes in Payers and Non-Payers and What Child Support Agencies Can Do
Published May 2020

Child Support Enforcement-Led Employment Services for Noncustodial Parents: In Brief
Published May 2020

Using Principles of Procedural Justice to Engage Disconnected Parents
Published April 2020

Child support reform can help parents better support their children during and after the COVID-19 recession
Published June 2020

Child Support Payments, Income Imputation, and Default Orders
Published August 2019