Intersection of Child Support with Other Family-Focused Programs

Publications provide insight into how local, state and/or federal program impact family well-being and outcomes.

An Examination of the Use and Effectiveness of Child Support Enforcement Tools in Six States
Published October 2019

The National Directory of New Hires: In Brief
Published October 2019

The Child Support Program
Published August 2019

A Better Resolution: Reaching Child Support Agreements Between Parents in Vermont
Published September 2019

Lifting Families out of Poverty: Child Support Is an Effective Tool for Maryland Families
Published August 2019

Executive Summary: Reforming Child Support to Improve Outcomes for Children and Families
Published June 2019

Child Support and Foster Care
Published August 2019

Evaluating the Effect of Colorado’s Full Child Support Pass Through Policy
Published November 2019

Are Parents with a Child Support Order More Likely to be Eligible for Both SNAP and Subsidized Child Care?
Published October 2018

How Many Families Might Be Newly Reached by Child Support Cooperation Requirements in SNAP and Subsidized Child Care, and What Are their Characteristics?
Published July 2018

Child Support Pass-Through and Disregard Policies for Public Assistance Recipients
Published July 2017

Child Support Referrals for Out-of-Home Placements: A Review of Policy and Practice
Published October 2012

Interactions of the Child Support and Child Welfare Systems: Child Support Referral for Families Served by the Child Welfare System: Final Report
Published May 2012

Interactions of the Child Support and Child Welfare Systems: Child Support Enforcement after Family Reunification
Published May 2012