Parental Engagement & Emotional Support

Publications on parents’ ability to contribute to their children’s emotional and psychological well-being. This includes materials regarding custody, parenting time, healthy parenting, benefits of fatherhood, two-parent cooperation, and other related topics.

Fathers Advancing Community Together
Published August 2020

Challenges and Successes of Pregnancy Assistance Fund Programs Supporting Young Fathers
Published April 2020

Coordinating Parenting Time and Child Support: Experiences and Lessons Learned from Three States
Published March 2020

Improving Child Support Enforcement Outcomes with Online Dispute Resolution
Published August 2019

The Role of Child Support Debt on the Development of Mental Health Problems among Nonresidential Fathers
Published 2019

Child Support Compliance in Fatherhood Programs: The Role of Hope Salience, and Parenting Skills
Published February 2019

Parenting Time Opportunities for Children
Published August 2019

Considering Contextual Influences on Fatherhood Program Participants’ Experiences in Alabama
Published August 2019

Potential Monetary Value of Responsible Fatherhood Program Outcomes for Fathers and Children
Published June 2019

Transforming Colorado’s Child Support Services to a Two-Generation Approach: Lessons Learned from Implementing an 11-County Pilot Study
Published May 2019

Final Evaluation Report: Do Responsible Fatherhood Programs Work? A Comprehensive Meta-Analytic Study
Published December 2018

An Evaluation of the Oregon Parenting Time Opportunities for Children Grant: Mediation and Interactive Parenting Plans
Published December 2017

Enhancing Father Involvement in Low-Income Families: A Couples Group Approach to Preventive Intervention
Published March 2017

Next Gen Child Support Improving Outcomes for Families
Published November 2016