Knowledge Works! Resources for Child Support Led Employment Programs


If you are interested in implementing a new, or enhancing an existing noncustodial parent employment program, this web-talk is for you. OCSE has a new set of resources for child support-led employment programs that highlight what’s worked in other jurisdictions, present key operational details about other employment programs and provide access to subject matter experts. These resources include support for assessment, planning, implementation, and development efforts. Come prepared to learn why providing employment services is more needed than ever and why these resources were developed. Review key aspects of the resources and hear about one state’s experience with using the new resources and how it helped them implement an employment services program.

Lauren Antelo – Senior Social Science Analyst, Human Services Policy, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, U.S. HHS
Kristie Arneson – Senior Administrator Economic Security Division, Wyoming IV-D Director
Chad Edinger – Program Specialist, OCSE


Registration for this event is closed. Members can access the NCSEA Web Talk Library for the recording.