Kids in Foster Care: Best Practices at the Intersection of Child Support and Child Welfare

Kids in Foster Care:  Best Practice at the Intersection of Child Support and Child Welfare

It’s an unfortunate reality that not all parents are able to care for their children safely at home at all times – due to substance abuse, mental health, incarceration and other complex societal issues. Kids end up in out-of-home placements — aka, Foster Care. Historically, the IV-D program has had a murky role in foster care cases: Should we establish and enforce child support obligations in all foster care cases? Are there instances where our program priorities may run afoul of a family’s best interests? What do the federal regulations require us to do – and where do we have flexibility? As leaders in the child support program, we need to work with our child welfare colleagues to create programs that help support these fragile families. This session will explore research in this area, and provide an opportunity for participants to have a conversation about how child welfare and child support  can better work together, in the best interests of the families we serve.


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