NCSEA Web Talk: Serving Customers in a New Virtual World

“Serving Customers in a New Virtual World.”

The abrupt closure of many offices and workplaces in the early Spring of 2020 ushered in a new era of remote work for millions of employed Americans.   Child Support staff were a predominantly in-person workforce and many of the customer interactions occurred in courts or in the child support offices.  Agencies needed to pivot quickly and innovate in order to continue to provide service to their customers. Customer service professionals from Massachusetts and Michigan have teamed up to share the new normal methods for meeting with customers in the virtual world.


Christopher Breen, Massachusetts Child Support Enforcement

Jennifer Gwizdala, Michigan Bay County Friend of the Court

Nicole Neary, Michigan Bay County Friend of the Court


Lisa Perfetuo, Massachusetts Child Support Enforcement

Elizabeth West, Michigan Friend of the Court Bureau