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There are a number of events currently being planned by NCSEA, including:


Web Talk: Across Up, and Out: Surefire & Surprising Presentation Tips

12 May

Contact: Krystal Quille, KrystalQuille@ncsea.org, 703-506-2884

All leaders present - often to different listeners in different settings. If you are speaking across your organization to colleagues, your message needs to be crafted differently from a presentation up to senior management or out to persons external to your organization. Speaking across a conference table requires different techniques from presenting up front behind a podium or to listeners out of sight on conference calls or web meetings. This workshop will be packed with specific and practical ... [Read More]

Parenting Time: Funding, Impact, New Developments, and Other Challenges

23 Jun

Contact: Krystal Quille, KrystalQuille@ncsea.org, 703-506-2884

Do you have questions about Parenting time Opportunities for Children (PTOC) grants? Would you like to hear from Child Support Leaders experience in operating a PTOC grant? How is parenting time embraced or opposed by those working in the domestic violence or fatherhood communities? Join this discussion to learn about funding, impact, new developments and challenges facing child support departments across the nation. Speakers: Lanae Davis -  Research Associate, Center for Policy Research Michael ... [Read More]