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Web-Talk: Successful Strategies for Working with Incarcerated Parents

09 Mar

Contact: Krystal Quille, krystalquille@ncsea.org, 703-506-2884

Tune in and listen to what three child support agencies are doing to help incarcerated parents engage in the child support program in preparation for release.  Hear how these programs are investing resources to assist  this population and improve performance at the same time.  The NPRM calls for action on incarcerated obligors- is your agency ready?  Are you doing everything you can to help these parents prepare to support their children once they’re released?  Innovative activities are occurring ... [Read More]

Web Talk: Tribal 101: Tribal Child Support Background and History

14 Apr

Contact: Krystal Quille, krystalquille@ncsea.org, 703-506-2884

This workshop will cover a range of topics covering the history and current state of Tribal child support programs, Tribal TANF, Comprehensive Tribal IV-D programs, and the interplay between tribal and federal law, including a discussion of Public Law 280. Register Now! (credit cards only) or register offline ... [Read More]